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Marc Jacoby Pleads Guilty to Voter Fraud

June 18, 2009 by Calitics

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Brian Leubitz

I have to interrupt our regularly scheduled fretting about the budget to follow up on a story from last year.  In September of 2008, the San Bernadino County Democratic Central Committee noticed something fishy going on in the registration of GOP voters.  The county was swimming against the Democratic tide. Why? Well, it turns out that a firm called Young Political Majors(YPM) was slamming voters, changing their registration without their consent in order to get $5 from the CA Rep. Party(CRP).Basically, the firm got voters to sign an unrelated petition, and then asked them to sign on a line right below “for confirmation.” The “confirmation” line was, of course, actually a voter registration card. YPM would then fill out the card, switching them to GOP so they would pocket the $5. This scheme was repeated in at least Riverside County, perhaps in more locations as well. YPM had used the scheme throughout Florida before getting themselves kicked out.

Then California Democratic Party Chair Art Torres sent the registrar of voters (and various law enforcement agencies) a letter, outlining the case, and asking for a quick resolution to the case.

Progress was made swiftly, as in October, Jacoby was arrested for voter fraud.