Politics in Wisconsin Makes USA Eager

There are many political and historical parties which are in composition in the state senate, state assembly, and the state delegation to the US Senate and State delegation to the US House of Representatives. There are few parties which were elected and were nominated. The parties are labeled as Democratic, Independent, Nonpartisan, Progressive, Republican, Whig, People’s Party, Union Labor, Fusion, Independent Democrat, Independent Republican.

Warren Email About Student loan


Recently at Washington Sen. Elizabeth Warren announced that she will be campaigning for former Sen. Russ Feingold in the next month. They are coming up to attempt to help with their ideologies; they were defeated by Sen. Ron Johnson in the year 2010. Ron Johnson was with the people who are already done it, Russ is with Wisconsin students and the people and their families who are working. Argument occurred between in an email which was scheduled to be sent and the same was provided much in advance to The Post of Huffington. In which it contrasts Feingold and Johnson’s opinion on the education and student loan debts. While Feingold and Warren say that the federal government will not be able to do much profit from debt. Johnson was voted against Warren in legislation in the year 2014. This might have allowed the students to finance for their educational loans. The senator from the Republican party called the legislation as unfair as the bill will make loss for the revenue as the increased taxes will have effect on households.  The student debt from 2007 was doubled and is now nearly 1.3 trillion dollars. This indicated that the American Students who have taken loan are nearly 40%. The average loan on each student is about thirty thousand dollars. Johnson stated that there are few students who take more than four years to complete their graduation as it will be really easy for a student to get a loan. They even stated that the federal government should not involve in the loan programs which will be given to students.

Trying To Replace Acts


Warren’s email says that they can forget about the refinancing system, the government will not be able to help the students with the loans. The Ron Johnson’s education policy goes crazy. The students whose parents cannot afford to send their children to college will lose their basic consumer protections and have to approach the private loan systems which offer interest rates which are less.  Her email states that Johnson repeals the Act – Affordable Care and DoddFrank Wall Street reforms. It also states that Johnson does not think about the federal government. Email by her states that Johnson just wants to repel about the Affordable Care Act and the DoddFrank Wall Street reforms. It even states that Johnson is not thinking about the federal government which needs to set minimum wages. Democrats have also made discussions about the student loan at the campaign as Warren have championed in that issue in Senate. Recently Hillary Clinton who is also a Presidential candidate has released her plan, in which he has mentioned to reduce the student loan, by taking on the wealthy. Warren who has campaigned for many Democratic Senate Candidates in 2014 midterm elections, her trip to Wisconsin trip may be first as well as last in Wisconsin politics as the elections are heading towards.