2016 and Jeb Bush’s Presidential Bid

Florida Governor Jeb Bush has the most recognizable last name in the world. He announced his candidacy at the Miami Dade College and said that the country was on a bad course.  The nation had decisions to make and as a citizen, his choice was to run for the highest office.  He also said that he would work on passing meaningful reforms on immigrations instead of signing executive orders.

Governor Jeb Bush is entering an already crowded arena – he is the 11th Republican contender for the job of president.  He faces a serious challenge from fellow Floridian, Senator Marco Rubio.  At the event where he made his announcement, Jeb Bush made sure to put out the fact that he has secured key Republican endorsements in his home state.  The Attorney General, Chief Financial officer, Agricultural Commissioner and a few senators were in attendance and were mentioned by name during the event. Jeb Bush also said that voters should support candidates with executive experience for office in 2016 and there was no substitute.

Jeb Bush’s famous family can be a blessing and a curse – his father was president and then his older brother.  If he wins office, the Bush family will enter the history books as America’s pre-eminent dynasty in politics.  He hinted that he will have to win the nomination on merit in the primaries and not on the basis of the family name.


Front Runner?


In spite of having a recognizable name, Bush cannot be considered a clear cut front runner.  He was tied with Senator Marco Rubio for the top spot.  Some of the constituents polled that they would probably support ex Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee or Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker.  Matched up against Democrat Hillary Clinton, Bush trailed by 8 percentage points.

Bush hasn’t had an easy time of it before he made his announcement – he has had to answer questions on why his brother decided to invade Iraq and other issues.  It is something he should have expected.  His brother’s presidency still has a polarizing effect on the country and electorate and this campaign may be quite testing for another Bush.   If Hillary Clinton gets the Democratic nomination, the 2016 campaign between Clinton and Bush will raise a lot of questions on topics like nepotism, legacy and also whether there are just 2 families competing for office.

With America undergoing radical shifts in the economy, demographics, generational likes and dislikes, many believe that presidential campaigns should be about the future of the country.  Before any of this happens, Jeb Bush will have to face the challenge of getting nominated.  He promises to run a campaign based on optimism than one on fear.  Even though he has been given the label of “moderate” by conservatives, he not only has to answer questions about his brother, he has even less in the way of goodwill than Mitt Romney in the 2012 race.

Bush has to try and avoid Mitt Romney’s fate especially since he is competing with younger candidates who are uncompromisingly conservative – that’s U.S.A state politics.  Even though he was given a chance to address decisions made by his brother when he was president, Jeb Bush couldn’t answer them convincingly.  His supporters stand firm on his willingness to look at his faults, deal with criticism effectively and also reason his way through complex problems – this is reason enough to vote him into office.