Joe Biden – Will he or won’t he?

As of September 30, there was still no indication whether Vice President Joe Biden will run for President.  Everyone is waiting to find out – he is still the most popular candidate for the post in U.S.A state politics.  In surveys and hypothetical match ups with Republican front runners, his ratings were higher than every candidate on the field.  It is easy to be popular when you are not a candidate – there is a good chance that his ratings will plummet if he makes the announcement to run.

Why There Is Interest

He may not be an official candidate but he has been acting like one by attending events held by constituencies which are essential for a presidential incumbent.  Since the start of September, he

  • Hosted an event on combating sexual violence against women at an Ohio College
  • Marched with Union leaders in a Labor Day Parade
  • Attended a solar energy conference in California along with environmentalists
  • Hosted a gathering of Latinos at his official residence
  • Addressed Jewish leaders in Atlanta, in a synagogue

He has already made a speech at the Concordia Summit and also at the Human Rights Campaign gala.  He has made sure to talk to the media starting with CNN and also Stephen Colbert.  While on the Colbert Show, he talked openly about the death of his son and how he doesn’t think he is up to the job.  He also stated that he wasn’t sure that his family and he have the emotional energy to run for such an important post.

The fact is that the clock is running down and he has to make a decision fast.  If he decides to, his opponent would be Hillary Clinton.  She has been dealing with the fall out of a scandal over a private email server which was used to conduct public business. The furor over this issue is not likely to go away anytime soon.  In spite of all these issues, she is clearly the frontrunner for the Democratic nomination and has a 10 point lead over every rival, including Biden.

Unusually enough, he has an unlikely ally and cheerleader in former Vice President Dick Cheney.  Dick Cheney said that he would be happy to see Joe Biden in the race for President. Since he has a lot of support within the Party, he would change and stir things up making the race more interesting.  As of mid-October, he doesn’t have much time to declare his intention to run.

Many of his friends are of the opinion that he wants to run for office but others caution that it is not a done deal.  He could decide to pull back at any time.  Joe Biden is convinced that he has the support as well as the finances required to run for office.  Some think it may not be good for him to do so as he just lost his son not too long ago to cancer.  If Joe Biden decides to run, it could hurt Clinton’s chances to win against any Republic contender.  We have till October 24th, 2015 to find out whether he is going to do it.